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German Wirehaired Pointers
5155 Round Mountain Road, Belgrade, MT 59714
(406) 581-7443 [email protected]


Visit our facebook page for more testimonials, videos and up-to-date photos!

This is a great video of Hannah getting her pup at the ST Louis Airport. She thought she was there to pick up her dad.

  Shawnee Jarvis
"We are all over the moon for Miss Gracie. Thanks so much Jehnet. She is a wonderful little dog."

Dane Wales

"This actually brought me a couple tears of joy. I still remember bringing Bristol home. She came from your litter of 16. "
  Danielle Earl 
"We love our sweet boy Cooper from DJ Bar Ranch ~ He is 3 1/2. :)
  Joel Fyfe - "I love mine - great hunter and great family member. I've never hunted over such a spectacular dog,had many offers on him but would never get rid of him this is by far one of the best lines out there I'm very happy. If only I could convince my wife for another."

Stephanie Gruber Wright

" Luv the pup pics! Miss that! But luv that Franz is a big boy now, 1 yr 8 months old!!!"
  Kyle Day
"We love our dog Max. It's been one year since we picked him up from you guys. Thanks"



"We are headed towards the end of Rosa’s first bird season and what a season it has been for her. She has been hunting like seasoned pro, she points, retrieves and hunts dead birds with a precision you generally only see in an older dog. She has 61 wild chukars to her credit, 13 wild pheasants and 5 sage grouse and the best is that she is such a loyal companion/member of the family. I can not thank you enough for such a great dog. "

Owned by: Dave & Patty Tyrrell

Updated 2017:
"Rosa still amazes me with her antics but this story is so amazing I had to share it with you. Last summer we were playing with Rosa in the canal and lost a Kong toy that sunk to the bottom. About a week ago I was playing with Rosa in the yard and when she got hot she jumped the fence and went down in the canal which is dry but still has a few little pools to cool off in. I watched to make sure she didn’t lose her toy. As I watched she turned facing down the canal and started air scenting, she moved down the canal about 15 feet and stuck her nose down in the leaves and then pawed them away sniffed again and started digging and then another sniff to make sure she was on target and then some more digging and finally sticks her head in the hole and pulls out her Kong toy lost from last summer. And I’m thinking how much scent could a rubber toy have after 8 month of being buried in the bottom of a canal. "
~ Dave

10-11 Month old Nellie Ree (a Priscilla/Dozer pup)

"She was running along full tilt when she caught sent of game bird. When she got the sliding momentum stopped she held a beautiful point. Amazing natural instinct! She locks up hard!"

Owned by Mike Mickelson
Rooster Ridge Pheasant Farm at French Town MT

"I am a fly fishing, waterfowl, and upland guide in eastern Montana. I recently bought one of the pups (Bailey) at 7 weeks. She turned 13 weeks yesterday. I just wanted to share a quick story about my new pup Bailey. We were in the field for the last five days hunting. We had had a very good morning filled with pheasants, sharp tail and chukar. I try and let the puppy run for at least part of the afternoon and let her burn off some puppy energy and start getting the feel of her new job. Yesterday we were one pheasant and 6 little birds away from our limit for two people. We decided to hike up a draw we let out Bailey's best friend Reno a Britney and headed out. We ended up finding and shooting our pheasant rather quickly. We hiked around in the draw for about another 30 minutes before finding a covey of chukar out in a field. We shoot 3 out of it and the rest flew back into the draw we had hunted up. We decided to run the draw back down and killed 2 more quickly. As we were walking my client looks at me and says hey the puppy is on point. I look over and see she that she is. She loves to point at leaves and anything that blows in the wind. I started to tell him that and notice my Britney on point down in the draw. Right then a single chukar flushed and went down. I don't know if it was her first find or her first back but I was grinning with pride for the rest of day and night. I just wanted to share that. I think she is going to turn into a great dog."

UPDATE AT JUST UNDER 5 MONTHS OLD: "I went and worked just her today she had 6 finds with 4 hard points and 4 full retrieves - one 30 plus yard retrieve."
~ Andy

"Good Afternoon! We wanted to share with you our Saturday experience with the NAVHDA Natural Ability test with Shyster. Even though she is only 8.5 months old, we decided to give her a try. She did awesome! She scored a prize 2, and only 1 point out of the prize 1 category. If we were better handlers she would have easily made it to prize 1, but even at that, with boneheads like us, she did very well, and only 8.5 months old!

Her bite was good, her coat was medium dense and medium harsh, she did two excellent points during the search, and since we were so far away on the first point she snatched the chuckar when it started to move (after a more than sufficient time pointing) and brought it to us without any calling. She had tremendous prey drive too, and tried to chase down the same chuckar after we dropped it and it flew off. She held her second point for at least 10 seconds as I came up to her to leash her since we were done with that test. For her tracking test, she took a good smell of the feathers on the ground, then headed into the grass. In less than 3 minutes she found the rooster and brought it back to me, again without calling. Only two dogs out of 9 actually found and retrieved the bird and Shyster did it in much less time than the other one. Everyone in the group was impressed, but none as much as Sandy and I. Of course she had no issues with the water since we exercise her in the river. Her only water problem was that she didn't want to quit after only two water retrieves.

Your suggestion to join NAVHDA was tremendous and we will recommend the same to anyone who wants to get good help with their training. We ended up joining the Wasatch Chapter in Salt Lake since it was the closest to us and an active chapter. For us, we are now waiting until the 21st of this month and we are going to try her out on the real deal, sage grouse. We'll do some more training between now and then, just to keep her fresh on what she needs to do.

She is a great dog and we are so pleased to have found your site, you, and your fantastic kennel. Besides being a very naturally talented dog, she has become a very solid and loving family member. Some people say you can either have a pet or a hunting dog, but with Shyster we have both, and we are very happy.

We thought you would like to hear the news. We'll post a couple photos and a shorter write up on your Facebook page too.

Hope all is well with you. We are enjoying the photos of the new puppies too, keep posting them please!"

Take Care,
Brian, Sandy, and Ellie Taylor


Submitted by: Bobby Morgan on Oct 05, 2017
I currently own one of Jehnet's dogs and she has exceeded my expectations. Zelda now 18 months scored a Prize 1 Natural Ability in the NAVHDA hunt test system. She has an excellent temperament and is a fine versatile hunting dog.

Submitted by: Stephanie Wright on Sep 29, 2017
Our breeder, DJ Bar Ranch (Montana) was great to work with! Jehnet continued to update us on the pups & send pictures as they were growing up! Our guy, Franz (born 10/29/14) is the best! I flew in from Colorado to pick him up! The early socialization Jehnet gave him made him a super social guy! He loves everybody! I think he was the smart one in his litter! Very trainable! I feel bad we are not hunters because he would have made a great hunter! We live in the foothills of CO so he gets to chase after mostly deer & chipmunks! He's also an excellent "rock climber" - leaping high! DJ Bar Ranch sure produces an excellent line of German Wired Hair Pointers!!

Submitted by: Bonnie Shields on Sep 28, 2017
Jehnet is a responsible breeder of top-quality dogs. I have known her for many many years from her activity in the donkey and mule world and was lucky enough to get one of her prime GWH pups several years ago.
Her dogs are top grade, beautiful and healthy. Bonnie Shields

Submitted by: Mike Mickelson on Sep 28, 2017
I have a commercial hunting club in Montana. Rooster Ridge Pheasant club. Two of my 5 GWP's came from Jehnet, and I can't thank her enough for bringing these awesome dogs into this world. She puts a lot of thought into her bloodline as well as vet checks before breeding. (hips, eyes, etc.) she does this the right way! I appreciate that!
Thank you Jehnet Carlson!

Submitted by: Chris Smith on Jul 01, 2014
I have the privilege of working with one of Jehnet's wirehairs. She has tremendous prey drive and a will to please. Sprig learns extremely fast it hasn't taken any time at all to get her handling and working off a whistle. It has been a joy to work with her.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.
We look forward to hearing from you!

[email protected]

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